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We believe going solar should be simple. And with our complete range of solar energy services, Solar is.

With over 30 years in business, our trained solar team turns the traditionally complex planning and purchasing of a solar power system into a quick, efficient and headache-free experience. We provide turnkey solutions which allow us to aggressively design and manage solar photovoltaic and concentrating solar collector projects. We are not locked into any particular technology or vendor, allowing us to find the optimal solution for your needs. Then, we leverage the full buying power of our company to negotiate the best deal. Our dedicated resources group continually evaluates technologies, operating procedures and policies so we can deliver maximum performance at an affordable price.


Whether it’s developing energy production and payback models, evaluating technologies, assessing finance options, or, building, maintaining, and operating your solar energy solution, we bring experience and the ability to see your solar power installation through to completion.

Through strategic partnerships, Stones River Electric provides auxiliary solutions, project consulting and design services to help clients deploy electricity on a Mega-Watt Scale.  Stones River Electric and Woodstone Energy ( employ credentialed NABCEP solar designers.

Connect with our team for the full scale of project offerings. From initial feasibility studies, to site surveys and final engineering; our team can manage the process. Our operations team will facilitate a turnkey installation while managing all rebates and incentives.

We also offer many alternate financing sources for larger projects. If you’re looking for a Capital Lease, Operating Lease or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA); we can facilitate any option for your project.

We can assist you through the entire design, development and installation process. Our expert staff will assist in providing guidance for tax and depreciation savings strategies, while including local rebates and aggressive pricing into a sustainable project. Call us today for a free consultation concerning your solar project.

Solar Projects

Project Type Location Size
Car Ports North Texas 100kW
Solar Light Area Lighting Boston, MA 7.5kW
Department of Army Delaware 123kW
Data Center Rooftop Pennsylvania 900kW
New York City Hall New York 16kW
Public Works Facility Rooftop New York 50kW
High School Rooftop Massachusetts 40kW
County Facility Rooftop Pennsylvania 305kW
Distribution Facility Ground Mount Maryland 128kW
School Facility Rooftop Pennsylvania 577kW
Military Air Base Jet Canopies Beaufort, SC 36kW
Laboratory Rooftop Bethesda, MD 65kW
Retail Malls Rooftop Michigan & NC 59kW
Veterans Administration Hospital Houston, TX 1MW
Car Rental Parking Area Canopies Denver, CO 260kW
Solar Farm Ground Mount Lavonia, GA 1MW

EV Charging Stations

Global EV sales took a giant leap in both volume and market
share in 2021, according to a new report from the
International Energy Agency (IEA).

Automakers sold 6.6 million plug-in vehicles in 2021, more
than double the 3 million sold in 2020, and more than triple
the 2.2 million sold in 2019, according to the IE

Multiple EV charger brands offer AC and DC fast charging. There are potentially numerous options that meet the needs of your specific business. Stones River Electric has the knowledge and experience in the fast growing EV Charger marketplace to make your EV Charger installation a painless operation. Stones River Electric can work with your existing designer or we offer turn-key self performed installations.

Offering a brand agnostic approach, Stones River Electric will find the best solution for your business and clientèle.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Key Benefits of Installing an EV Charger at Your Business

  • Earn Revenue By Installing EV Charging Stations at Your Business

  • Showcase Your Commitment to Sustainability

  • Attract Eco-conscious Customers

  • Prepare Your Business for the Future

  • Put Your Business on the Map

  • Create Advertising Opportunities

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